Scoliosis Treatment Options

Scoliosis Academy Treatment Options

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We specialize in conservative care with a specialty in non-surgical scoliosis treatment!

Scoliosis is not a condition that you try one thing at a time to solve. It doesn’t matter how small the curve is, at any moment with any growth spurt or hormone change the curve can become worse. Every treatment at Janzen and Janzen Health Center has a PURPOSE…a goal to achieve. Integrating the right treatments with the right purpose for the different types of scoliosis is essential for success.

A variety of specifically targeted conservative and non-surgical treatment protocols for the 4 main obstacles of managing scoliosis is key.

The four main obstacles are listed to the left as Root Cause, Flexibility, Strength and Gravity.

Properly addressing these four obstacles creates an environment that allows for optimal results and success with managing scoliosis.

 Scoliosis Academy treatment options

Below are images of before and after the nonsurgical programs here at Janzen and Janzen with descriptions of each treatment option in detail.

The “Root Cause” is the reason you have scoliosis. If you can’t get rid of or reduce the reason or “driving force” that caused the scoliosis in the first place, success is going to be difficult to come by with any treatment you choose. For example, we see patients who have already tried scoliosis exercises or a scoliosis brace. As soon as their treatment stopped, the improvement they had on their scoliosis immediately went away and their curve worsened again. This is because the “driving force” that caused the scoliosis was never reduced or eliminated. That’s why we have an entire part of our ScoliAcademy program devoted to figuring out the root cause of your scoliosis.


The 3 main Root Causes for scoliosis are:

  1. Nerve Tension (Genetic and Biochemical Problems) ***Most Common Cause for “Idiopathic Scoliosis*** (Uncoupled Neuro-Osseous Growth) (Porter, Roth)
  2. Structural / Biomechanical Pathology (short leg, Scheuremann’s Kyphosis, wedged vertebra, etc.)
  3. Neuro-muscular Pathology (Cerebral palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, etc)?
Dr. Mike Janzen showing Nerve Elongation

Dr. Mike Janzen showing Nerve Elongation

Solution: Our “Root Cause” program includes Nerve Tension testing and the possible causes behind the nerve tension (Genetic, Biochemical). The ScoliAcademy™ program also tests for structural and neuro-muscular pathology, as well. Once results are obtained, the proper scoliosis “Root Cause” treatment plan is assembled to help reduce the driving forces that initially caused and continue to worsen the scoliosis. Read more about our the root cause of idiopathic scoliosis by Clicking Here!

Here’s what we mean by “Flexibility”…one side of the scoliosis curve has TOO LITTLE flexibility (the short side, BLUE in the image below) and the other side has TOO MUCH flexibility (the long side, RED in the image below). It is these two problems (too little / too much flexibility) that prevents the curve from, first, reducing, and secondly, holding.

The short side develops strong, tight and leathery ligaments and joints and won’t open up to straighten. The long side is loose, long and unstable and won’t close down to hold the curve. The balance of these ligaments is integral to reducing and holding the scoliosis in place.


  • REDUCING the curve: The ScoliAcademy™ program institutes flexibility treatments that will ONLY open up the tight side of the curve, leaving the loose side of the scoliosis alone. The short / tight ligaments begin to change to a more normal physiology and begin to loosen. This will allow the scoliosis to REDUCE. If the tight side of the scoliosis is not loosened, the scoliosis may NEVER reduce. This is done with specifically placed traction and stretching. However, if the traction is performed without tightening the loose side, you’ll see good initial results, but the reduction won’t hold and the scoliosis may come back. Click here to read about specific flexibility exercises like the Eckard Table and the Modified Traction Chair.
  • HOLDING the curve: That’s why we then have to close down the long / loose side and hold it there for extended periods of time in order to shorten and tighten it. The long / loose ligaments then become shorter, stronger and tighter and are able to HOLD the spine more permanently in the new and straighter posture. We do this with 3-D bracing.

By treating the loose AND tight sides of the scoliosis together, the ligaments on BOTH sides of the spine return to a more normal physiology and the scoliosis can begin to reduce AND hold more permanently.



Strength and / or the lack of strength is very important to address when attempting to improve and stabilize a scoliosis.

There are two main problems that occur with the muscles in scoliosis:

  1. Imbalance of strength from one side to the other
  2. Postural awareness (conscious and sub-conscious) is degraded (i.e.-slouching, leaning to one side, etc…)
Solution: The ScoliAcademy™ utilizes multiple strengthening exercises and equipment that can 3-dimensionally exercise only the muscles that need to be strengthened on the scoliosis (3-dimensional spinal weighting / auto-response training, Schroth, Core strength).

This exercise program is able to reverse the one-sidedness of the scoliosis, making it more balanced and able to hold straighter postures easier. The 3-dimensional scoliosis exercises will create both brute strength (conscious) and reactive strength (sub-conscious) for a better hold on the scoliosis. The ScoliAcademy™ also customizes the exercise program for each patient’s life. For example, if a patient plays volleyball or the violin, we teach them how to create the perfect posture and muscle contractions while performing those activities so they don’t worsen the curve while doing those activities. Improving the patient’s postural awareness in all aspects of their life and their activities is a big part of the ScoliAcademy™ exercise program. We are not here to tell you what you can’t do anymore, but rather how to create strength and awareness to continue it.

Gravity is a BIG problem with scoliosis. Once the scoliosis begins, gravity is going to continue the worsening process in a couple different ways.

First, gravity can become the main driving force that pulls down on the scoliosis and continues to worsen the curve during the growth spurts and, unfortunately, over a lifetime (especially for curves over 20-25 degrees). As most older patients know, gravity always wins…unless there is a specific plan in place to neutralize it.

Secondly, gravity continues to pull on the long side of the scoliosis. This means the already long ligaments and cartilage just get longer and longer and weaker and weaker, making the scoliosis curve worse and more permanent. This is one of the greatest factors to a scoliosis not KEEPING the improvement. The ligaments have to be equally STRONG on BOTH sides of the curve and equal in LENGTH on BOTH sides of the curve.

Solution: A 3-D Brace. A 3-dimensional brace is the only semi-rigid support that is strong enough to resist gravity AND pull the long ligaments short again. Just like braces on your teeth, if the spine is held in a more neutral posture for approximately 2 years or until skeletal maturity, it will tend to stay that way. The negatives of the brace (1-atrophy of muscles and 2-rigidity of the spine) are easily neutralized by a good exercise program and a good flexibility program. Bracing is the most effective way to guard against the damage of gravity. For more information on the braces we design and develop at JJHC, check it out here!

Your Custom ScoliAcademy™

All patients undergo a thorough examination of their spine and nervous system. During the exam, we look at the type of curve, the flexibility of the curve, and any abnormalities in the other systems of the body that could be contributing to the scoliosis. We learn as much as we can about the patient. We also attempt determine the CAUSE of the scoliosis, which will often require special tests such as an MRI, blood tests, or genetic testing.

Every scoliosis case is different, and must be treated as such. The ScoliAcademy™ at Janzen and Janzen Health Center is an individualized program that uses methods from across the world to achieve effective long-term success for each scoliosis case.

The ultimate goal of ScoliAcademy™ is to teach every scoliosis patient how they can take care of and manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life.

The ScoliAcademy™ is typically a 2-4 week initial in-office scoliosis treatment program with quarterly follow ups through skeletal maturity, or until goals are reached. Its purpose is to utilize the in-office treatment time to allow the doctors and therapists to determine what variety of scoliosis treatments will work best for each individuals.
* Schroth Based Physiotherapy
* Activities of Daily Living Training
* Strengthening Exercises
* Flexibility Training Protocols
* 3D Scoliosis Academy Brace
* Nerve Elongation Protocols
* Root cause testing and treatment
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