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Scoliosis can be an overwhelming diagnosis and the questions of why do I have it and what can I do are often met with “I don’t know”, “wait and watch” or even “surgery”. Scoliosis Care Centers uses root cause diagnostics and proprietary technology to give you the solution to your scoliosis while teaching you how to manage your scoliosis for life.

Treatment programs are specifically designed for each of our kids, making our programs unique to the individual and leading to the question, where do I fit?

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Every scoliosis case is different, and must be treated as such. The ScoliAcademy™ at Janzen and Janzen Health Center is an individualized program that uses methods from across the world to achieve effective long-term success for each scoliosis case.

The ultimate goal of ScoliAcademy™ is to teach every scoliosis patient how they can take care of and manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life.

The ScoliAcademy™ is typically a 2-4 week initial in-office scoliosis treatment program with quarterly follow ups through skeletal maturity, or until goals are reached. Its purpose is to utilize the in-office treatment time to allow the doctors and therapists to determine what variety of scoliosis treatments will work best for each individuals.
* Schroth Based Physiotherapy
* Activities of Daily Living Training
* Strengthening Exercises
* Flexibility Training Protocols
* 3D Scoliosis Academy Brace
* Nerve Elongation Protocols
* Root cause testing and treatment
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