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Addressing the Root Cause of Scoliosis - Nerve Tension

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The root cause of a scoliosis is a root problem that causes the spine to bend and twist. A root cause will be some type of problem that can create a “driving force” to cause the spine to bend and twist. All too often the root cause of scoliosis is ignored, undiagnosed, and untreated. If you want to manage scoliosis and have control once and for all, you must eliminate the root cause.

Common Root Cause of scoliosis: Nerve Tension

Testing for Spinal Cord Tension: The Cox Test and The Cox Sign


A) Nerve elongation and elasticity treatment protocols have been developed to reduce this nerve tension.
Nerve tension can be diagnosed through a modified version of the Straight Leg Raise test. Once diagnosed, very specific nerve stretching techniques are needed to create elasticity and elongation of the spinal cord. These nerve stretches have to be done with perfect technique in order to keep the spinal cord under tension throughout the entire stretch without ever letting the tension escape. With consistent stretching, the spinal cord will gradually elongate and increase it’s elasticity…thereby reducing the driving force for the scoliosis to get worse during the growth spurts. This does not “get rid of the scoliosis”, but instead helps reduce the likelihood of the rapid worsening of the scoliosis with growth spurts.

B) Treatments for biochemical / genetic dysfunction:
Scoliosis has been linked to nutrient / hormone / neurotransmitter deficiencies and has also been linked to excessive toxins. These dysfunctions can lead to abnormal growth and elasticity of the spinal cord, thereby creating nerve tension, which can cause scoliosis. Proper genetic testing and lab tests can help determine which dysfunctions are present. By supplementing with the right nutrients or avoiding particular toxins, these dysfunctions can sometimes be helped.

Combining these 2 “Root Cause” treatments (Nerve stretching and biochemical supplementation), the driving forces that can cause scoliosis can be significantly reduced. Both are included in our ScoliAcademy™ in the office and are to be continued with the home treatment program afterward.

Scoliosis Academy - Janzen & Janzen Health Center Campbell, CA.

The advantages of treating the root cause by using Nerve Stretching and Supplementation:
1. Reduces initial driving forces that caused the scoliosis to begin with.
2. Reduces the chances of rapid progression of the scoliosis during the growth spurts by improving elasticity and elongation of the spinal cord.
3. Increases chances of the improvements becoming more permanent; avoids the “temporary improvement” seen in many non-surgical scoliosis treatments.​

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At Janzen and Janzen Health Center we provide spine care with a focus on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, adolescent congenital scoliosis and adult scoliosis giving patients the tools to manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life pain free and functionally, improving their range of motion, flexibility and strength in their spine. We use a wide range of treatments to be able to treat scoliosis with effective non surgical care.

Janzen and Janzen Health Center and Scoliosis Academy is located in Campbell, CA.

Every scoliosis case is different, and must be treated as such. The ScoliAcademy™ at Janzen and Janzen Health Center is an individualized program that uses methods from across the world to achieve effective long-term success for each scoliosis case.

The ultimate goal of ScoliAcademy™ is to teach every scoliosis patient how they can take care of and manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life.

The ScoliAcademy™ is typically a 2-4 week initial in-office scoliosis treatment program with quarterly follow ups through skeletal maturity, or until goals are reached. Its purpose is to utilize the in-office treatment time to allow the doctors and therapists to determine what variety of scoliosis treatments will work best for each individuals.
* Schroth Based Physiotherapy
* Activities of Daily Living Training
* Strengthening Exercises
* Flexibility Training Protocols
* 3D Scoliosis Academy Brace
* Nerve Elongation Protocols
* Root cause testing and treatment
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