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Scoliosis Academy - Janzen & Janzen Health Center Campbell, CA.

We specialize in conservative care with a specialty in non-surgical scoliosis treatment!

Through hard work and dedication, every scoliosis fighter at Janzen and Janzen has the opportunity to be awarded prizes based on their efforts. Below are some companies that have partnered with JJHC to provide awesome gear to family and friends of JJHC girls and guys to encourage them to work even hard to stop scoliosis!

Click here to open out Patient Home Program Portal where you can track your goals and record your progress!

Higgy Bears and Friends was founded by Lauren Higginson, a scoliosis fighter, who saw the importance of having support when you’re working to better your scoliosis!

She custom builds braces for bears, cows, dogs and frogs so that every scoliosis patient can have a friend like them! You can also get custom designed American Girl Doll braces!

Check out Higgy Bears and Friends by clicking here or take a look at the companies Instagram by clicking here!

Gains Through Pain™ clothing (GTP) is a brand dedicated to inspiring hard work like the work that all JJHC’s scoliosis fighters do! Work hard at your ScoliAcademy™ program and you can earn merchandise from his line.

Founder, Andre Hollins (x-ray to left), wrote about founding GTP and his nonsurgical scoliosis lifestyle to inspire JJHC fighters to work their hardest be the best!

“While attending high school, I played basketball and football. Realizing how physically demanding sports can be, I began lifting weights regularly. Simple principles formed the foundation for how I would maintain my life when it came to fitness and nutrition, After graduating, I continued lifting weights and staying active. In May 2014, while reflecting on my recent diagnosis of scoliosis a few months earlier and knowing the determination it would take to continue living a healthy life – mentally physically and emotionally – I had an epiphany. Combining my perseverance with my love of sports , music, fitness and down-to-earth fashion, my vision ultimately culminated in the creation of Gains Through Pain™.”

Read more about Andre’s scoliosis story by clicking here! Gains Through Pain™ clothing is just one of the many things you can earn as a JJHC scoliosis fighter through hard work and


EmBraced In Comfort is a clothing company that designs tank tops and camisoles specifically to wear under your brace! They are comfortable, breathable and most of all fashionable! Earn these comfy tanks to wear under your brace through hard work and dedication to your ScoliAcademy™ home program! At JJHC we carry different sizes for you to try and see what you like best! The unique flap on the brace allows high braces to not cause chaffing under your arms while letting heat escape!


Contact Janzen and Janzen Health Center now to discuss potential non surgical scoliosis care with us by contacting us via contact page or by calling us at (408) 379-0133

Every scoliosis case is different, and must be treated as such. The ScoliAcademy™ at Janzen and Janzen Health Center is an individualized program that uses methods from across the world to achieve effective long-term success for each scoliosis case.

The ultimate goal of ScoliAcademy™ is to teach every scoliosis patient how they can take care of and manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life.

The ScoliAcademy™ is typically a 2-4 week initial in-office scoliosis treatment program with quarterly follow ups through skeletal maturity, or until goals are reached. Its purpose is to utilize the in-office treatment time to allow the doctors and therapists to determine what variety of scoliosis treatments will work best for each individuals.
* Schroth Based Physiotherapy
* Activities of Daily Living Training
* Strengthening Exercises
* Flexibility Training Protocols
* 3D Scoliosis Academy Brace
* Nerve Elongation Protocols
* Root cause testing and treatment
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